Conceptual Hotel Guest Room


View of Guest Room.
View of Guest Room.

Our Role

  • Interior Design
  • Material Selections & Specifications
  • Furniture Design & Specifications

This is a competition entry we designed for the Beyond COVID competition held by NEWH. The design focused on creating a sleek and unique guest room with materials that are easily cleanable and resist the spread of viruses and bacteria. Below is the narrative describing the design in more detail:

The guestroom design is sleek and inviting incorporating innovative materials and technologies into the space. It is important to select and utilize materials that have natural antimicrobial properties as these spaces are tactile and the user will come in to contact with all surfaces within the room repeatedly. The guestroom features a large solid surface unit comprised of a headboard niche, desk, bed side tables and incorporated shelving unit. The solid surface material used at this location is a unique product made from natural stone with no pores and antibacterial properties. This material is also utilized on the dresser, coffee tabletop, and accessory ottomans. By repeating the use of solid surface throughout the space we are enabling housekeeping staff to have a durable and easily cleanable surface to work with, that is also luxurious to the guest. All the upholstered surfaces including: the headboard, settee and chairs feature an antimicrobial vinyl. The strategic flooring selection of cork is soft underfoot, sound dampening, environmentally friendly, allergen reducing and all with the added benefit of being antimicrobial. The metal accents throughout the room and in the bathroom are made of brass which is also a naturally occurring antimicrobial surface. This metal is used throughout the space on frequently touched surfaces such as faucets, shower valves, the hand shower and even on the drawer pulls of the dresser and vanity. The bathroom vanity also features the same solid surface material used in the guestroom, along with a non-porous flooring and wall tile allowing easy cleaning and the durability to stand up to inevitable chemical use. Within both the bathroom and guest space the utilization of incorporated specialized UV lighting consistently sterilizes the air while in use. This feature provides guests with an increased level of safety from hotel staff and previous guests. By implementing a layered approach to design through materials and technologies, this space addresses the needs of hotel guests, hotel owners, and hotel employees during the pandemic and beyond.