Conceptual Public Restroom


View of Public Restroom Vanity and Stalls.
View of Public Restroom Vanity and Stalls.

Our Role

  • Interior Design
  • Material Selections & Specifications

This is an award winning competition entry we designed for the Beyond COVID competition held by NEWH. The design focused on creating a public restroom that is both beautiful and functional. The design is inviting and utilizes materials and finishes that are easily cleaned and resist the spread of viruses and bacteria. This restroom design was featured in the NEWH special edition magazine called Beyond that came out in July 2020. Below is the narrative describing the design in more detail:

The global pandemic of Covid-19 has further instilled the human need for spaces to be both inviting and welcoming, but now with the requirement of an increased sense of safety. In designing a public restroom for a post COVID time we must focus on touchless technologies and material selections that inhibit the survivability of viruses and bacteria. The design shown features wave sensors to open the main door to the restroom and doors to the stalls. The faucets, soap dispensers, and flush valves are all touchless sensor equipped devices minimizing the reliance on physical human touch for operation. Additionally, the faucets, soap dispensers, and flush valves are made of brass which has an alloy content that is naturally antimicrobial. The glazing on the chinaware selected for the space also contains an enhanced coating minimizing the capability of molds, mildews, and bacteria from growing. Creating visual instruction during this time provides a further level of guidance on expected practices within the bathroom space. For example, there are visual cues within the transom windows above the stall doors that illuminate the word “occupied” to further indicate when a stall is not available. Within the stall itself extra safeguards have been put in place utilizing specialized UV lighting to sterilize the toilet and all of the surfaces within the stall between uses. Selecting levers for physical locking devices within the stall provide the occupant the option to utilize their own personal third-party door opening device or their hand. Both the bath flooring the countertop material are completely non-porous. By selecting non-porous and extremely durable surfaces intense cleaning products are less likely to inflict any damages to these types or surfaces, preserving their longevity. The added benefit of the solid surface selected here is its antibacterial chemical composition, in addition to its durability. By being thoughtful in material selection and utilizing existing technologies to enhance the user’s experience in the public bathroom, this space can execute both a high level of design while addressing additional safety concerns.